We provide a high level of support to our franchisees in the following key areas:

Site Selection

We have long standing business relationships and connections with respected landlords in enclosed shopping malls and office towers and offer years of expertise to aid in finding prime locations and negotiating great leases for our franchisees. Unlike street front locations which involve long hours (in many cases 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) our locations provide realistic hours of operation so that our franchisees can operate a successful business and have a personal life. Street front locations are also subject to security concerns and as our locations are situated in enclosed shopping malls and office towers we can provide a safe and secure environment for our franchisees.

Store Construction

We oversee the entire construction of each store, with equal attention to functionality and visual appeal. All stores are custom built through our internal construction department to ensure our high construction standards and the landlords design criteria are met.

Initial Training

We provide an initial training program to give our franchisees the practical knowledge they need for success. Training is completed on-site so that the franchisee is generating revenue while training.

Point of Sale ("POS") Systems

All locations come equipped with our current POS system which offers a substantial competitive advantage. We have the expertise to assist franchisees in maintaining the appropriate products in their store and at the same time eliminating redundant merchandise. Constant attention and adjustments to product mix have a dramatic impact on inventory and provide for the effective use of a franchisee's working capital. Our product mix is constantly evolving to improve the profitability in our franchised locations.

Ongoing Consultation

Our Operations Managers make regular visits to each store to look at things like product mix, space optimization and category placement as part of a continuous process to maximize sales and gross profit margins. We share retail practices through field visits and monthly newsletters to ensure that franchisees are kept up to date with current retail trends and opportunities.

Merchandising Standards

Attention to detail is what sets us apart from the crowd. We provide each store with a professional profile to ensure that consumers get a positive first impression when they enter each location. Anchor products are strategically positioned throughout the stores to generate effective use of traffic flow and to promote impulse buys which in turn lead to increased sales.

Buying Power

The size of our organization has allowed us to negotiate supply agreements with major manufacturers/distributors on a national basis and the price of products for our stores has been on a steady decline over the past few years. We have multiple "Shefield Exclusive" supply agreements with many national suppliers in Canada. Franchisees benefit with improved gross margins and annual rebate/discount programs on certain products. Savings compared to full list price for national suppliers can be substantial.

Marketing & Promotions

Shefield Group’s in-house marketing department provides each location with regular marketing and promotional initiatives which are created to encourage impulse buying and to promote seasonal products. Franchisees are supplied with new materials and screen shots for POS screens regularly in order to promote and project value to customers.

Leveraging our Size

Our continued growth provides additional opportunities that will improve pricing and servicing frequency in the months and years ahead.